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How to survive your new Assessor job

1. How to survive your new Assessor job SELF STUDY level

This gives you the basic information to work through by yourself. There is a series of questions and exercises after each module that you work through. They will build up to a CPD record that you can print out and show your assessor, and it will good for your ongoing development even after you are qualified and experienced. You can add to it and revisit it at any time.

Here are the modules that you get in this package,

Although I don’t commit to any support at this level, I may well pop in and see how you are getting on!

There is no limit to the number of packages available at this level.

2. How to survive your new Assessor job ONLINE SUPPORT level

This package is the same as above, and you work through it in the same way, but I commit to contacting you at least twice for each module and respond by email, giving feedback, comments and suggestions, for a maximum of three calendar months from the date of purchase.

There is a limit of 10 packages running at any one time.

3. How to survive your new Assessor job PERSONAL SUPPORT level

Again, this is the same material and you work through it, but you get six personal sessions with me for coaching on the issues you find as you work through. This can be Skype or face to face if you are in the East Midlands, and we will organise this together over three months.

There is a limit of 5 packages running at any one time.

Any questions?  Just get in touch.

To find out more about how my online programmes work, do explore the rest of this site, and then when you are ready to buy, go to my programme page here, and then click to choose your package.