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Is this how your life is?

Are you a Professional Person under Pressure? Facing a new

job role, where you really want to make a difference, but there

is just too much to think about and do all at once?

    I know what this is like! I’ve been there

      I understand the world of nurses, health and care workers, assessors and

         quality assurers

      I know how hard it is to find time to help yourself

Have you just about had enough and you want things to be different now?

 You know life can be easier than this

 You want to deal graciously and effectively with whatever life throws at you

 You want to flourish and thrive rather than just get by

Are you juggling home, family, work, and you've got lost in everyone else's needs?

  Everyone else seems to come first

    Everyone seems to need you and you’re drowning in it

    You think you’re being selfish if you put yourself first, ever

Have you got big changes on the horizon, such as redundancy, relocation, serious illness, major personal changes? And you can’t quite see how to make the next step, because there is so much to think about?

  Life isn’t fair and you have to deal with what you’ve got

    What you’ve got right now is really hard

    There is always something you can do to make it better

Maybe things are okay, but you have this feeling that it could all be so much better?

 You’ve reached a plateau and you’re thinking, what next?

   You’re wondering about your life’s purpose

   You want it all to be FOR something

If you are saying YES, YES, so far then working with a COACH will help you to work it all out and see what you can do to change things for yourself.

Are you thinking about coaching but worried about the cost?

Well you could be right – coaching isn’t cheap; but then you know that things of value and quality just aren’t cheap. You want to know that you are going to get the result you are paying for. That’s entirely reasonable and prudent. Think of what you have spent money on it the past – on a car, holidays, your house….was it worth it? If you can say Yes, it was worth it then you will feel fine about paying for it.

Now I know how you might feel about this. We all have to manage our budgets, especially these days.

So what if I said to you that you can access a quality self coaching programme that will kick start your changes, for less than the cost of ONE personal session?

In my Coaching Online Space you can do just that. You get

 A safe and secure online self coaching package hosted safely and securely in Thinkific

 Resources, materials and exercises relating to your most pressing concerns, yours to keep

 Content is regularly updated and improved so that you get the best and most up to date materials

Would you like to test it out before you invest your hard earned cash?

I want to be sure you are happy with what you’ll be getting. Therefore I have put some things in place to help you

 There is a free module in each package so you can have a taster

 If you’re still not sure you can just stick around for a while, keep in touch on my Facebook Page and receive my regular updates

Wondering why you shouldn’t just go and read a self help book?

Well you could. There are thousands of brilliant books out there, and in fact when you sign up you will see that I recommend many of them as further reading. I make sure that the information I provide is up to date and supported by the latest thinking in the field, and as an ex-academic I don’t sleep at night if I don’t reference my sources!

However, there are many benefits to undertaking my programmes as compared with just reading a book…

 You will probably forget what you read in a book

 If you write down your responses as I advise, they will stick in your mind far more

 You will be reflecting on your own personal situation and beginning to apply the information I shall give you to your own life

 In the Email Support Programme Level I will undertake to respond personally by email to your work. Even in this Self Coach Programme level I may well drop in occasionally and see how you are getting on, and in the full support level you get the full benefits of coaching as well.

Would you like to have coaching any time you like, anywhere you are?

With my Coaching Online Space you can do just that. Anywhere that you can get internet access, you can work on your programme.

 You don’t have to spend time and effort travelling

 You don’t increase your carbon footprint

 You don’t have to squeeze time for a full session out of your busy timetable

 You can do a few minutes at a time, or have a blitz at the weekend, whatever suits you best

 If you prefer, nobody else even needs to know that you are undertaking coaching.

Would you like to learn about the areas you want to change before diving in and paying for a one to one personal coach?

When you invest in personal one to one coaching, there is time needed to set up the contract and expectations and gauge where you are now, before we really get stuck into the coaching. When you undertake one of my self coach programmes and then go on to work with me personally,

 You will already be equipped with the knowledge I would be giving you

 You will already have reflected on how this applies to your personal situation

 You will be raring to go!

What programmes can you do?

I’m working on new programmes all the time. They fall into two groups…

 Helping professional people under pressure to increase their wellbeing, effectiveness and resilience, both employed and self employed

     Supporting assessors and quality assurers in QCF qualifications in management, health and social         care and coaching