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Gift vouchers and packages

If you're looking for an original present, you can purchase gift vouchers for colleagues, friends and loved ones so that they can have a personal coaching session with me. You can also give them gift access to any of my advertised packages.

Giving a package as a gift

Every package I do can be allocated to whoever you want, and then they can work on things themselves, whenever they are ready.


Giving a personal session as a gift

You can also give someone the benefits of a gift session with me.  The voucher is priced at £75. This is valid for three calendar months from the date of issue. The session can be undertaken via skype or in person, depending where they are.

You can get a virtual voucher by  contacting me directly. There are a limited number of these vouchers available, and I will end the offer when it is full.

For a small additional cost of £3.50 (separately invoiced), I can post a physical voucher as well to the recipient so they have something to unwrap! Please contact me directly if you would like this.

(Important: For coaching to work, the person must be comfortable with the whole thing, so before you shell out for personal sessions or packages you should check out with the recipient that they would like this. I always offer a free phone call before we start anyway, of about 15 minutes, to make sure this is the right way forward.)

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